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About Us

Making Statement mantras:


  1. Everything doesn't have to match!
  2. You can say a 1000 words without saying a word at all!
  3. You don't have to have on the most expensive outfit for it to be the hottest outfit!
  4. It only takes ONE PIECE to Make the Statement!

Making Statements is a couture, upscale boutique and lifestyle brand. Created by Tonya Ford, affectionately known as T. Ford, its purpose is to create something for everyone.

Tonya puts God First but curses a little (He is still working with her)...she is a lover of jewelry, words, politics; She is religious and hood and boujie and educated; a grassroots advocate who loves trap music and old school hip hop; supports ALL THINGS HBCU, ESPECIALLY her Alma Mater HAMPTON U and NCCU Law; She's a Queen, She's a Boss, She's a Leader, She's a Friend, She's a Sister and She's PETTY; In her trendy traditional original uniqueness, she is a microcosm of everyone who is just like her; So Making Statements is not about Tonya but it's about YOU.

Feel free to pair our custom tees with our statement jewelry pieces or wear them individually.  We strive to provide our customers with premium custom tees and hand selected, thoroughly inspected jewelry.

Word enthusiasts...let your shirt say what you are thinking...and rock it with a hot neck piece and let people talk! 

Jewelry lovers...wear your pearls with your cowboy boots and turn heads!

JUST DO YOU...but whatever you do, MAKE A STATEMENT!